Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Algebra T3W3

Hi today for maths we have solved an algebra problem to calculate how much money would be spent and earnt by two twins.Tom started with $20 and spends $2 every day for a week and he twin sister tia started her job on the same week on monday she earns $2.50 a day.I used a table try and help me calculate the day that tia would over lap tom with money.We made links to statistics and choose a line graph to show our thinking.You can see clearly that by Friday,Tioa had made more money than tom.Well we were working on this some people got a bit stuck and thought that Tom had started with $18 on Monday and not with twenty everyone got a bit stuck because other people had other answers but when we made a graph it shows that he started with $20 on Monday and not $18 so in the end everyone had come to and answer they all agreed on.I really liked it when everyone one was trying to get the right answer people were working together and trying to help each other like our whakatauki from yesterday Ma pango,ma whero ka oti te mahi which means if people work together they will get the job done.

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