Thursday, 30 November 2017

Food technology-Milkshakes

Today we started food technology for the first time this year the very first thing that we made was chocolate,oreo milkshakes.The first step that we did was get a cup of milk and blended oreos,after we blinded the oreos we poured them into the milk.Then we put whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top of it.It was very fun doing all of this but to me I think that the best part was the part when we started to drinking them.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Te Tuhi Trip 2

Hi today we went to Te Tuhi to do some art based on our turangawaewae ( A place to stand or to call home).We drew four different things our Home,Family, Stories and culture.For home I drew a Marae because our ancestors used them for meetings or funerals,For family I did two different things and they were the diamond pattern and a kuru wai pattern.I used these two because the kuru wai represents my maori side and the diamond in the pacific represent the generations in your family.For my story I choose maui and the sun because I heard it a lot growing up and it has grown on me from a little age.And for culture I used love hearts and because I love the pacific and where I am from (New Zealand and the Cook Islands) and blobs that look like hills because to me they are some of the island's hidden under water all over the world.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Art and Turanagawaewae

We were learning about artist and turangawaewae (a place we stand)There were differant artist that were maori and some where mixed with maori.My favorite maori artist was Lisa Reihana because she does giant landscapes and they show our ancestors and maybe shows some stories of their life and how they lived.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Hi today we were learning about turangawaewae (A place to stand) and in other words a place you feel you fit in.People have places where they feel that they fit in and that they like to go or like to be there are different places like landmarks that you like.For me that place is whangarei because I get to be with family and I get to feel what its like to be in a smaller town and a smaller place.I also like it there because my family owns a farm and I get to help them on it.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Hei tama, tu tama

Image result for hei tama tu tamaHei tama, tu tama is a game that our maori ancestors used to play to get their brain thinking fast because they thought that it was cool to think fast.This is a simple game and you dont need anything to play this game the only things you need are you and another player you can either have two or three people its really up to but you can have two or three people to play this game.There are four differant actions that you need to know before youplay they are Hands on hips,Both hands in the air clenched,Left hand in the air clenched and right hand on your hips and right hand in the air and left hand your hips.One player will say Hei tama, tu tama and the other play will do the same but a different action also make sure that you are standing face to face but with some space between you.After you have done these you are ready to start the game both players say hei tama, tu tama when you are play each time you are saying them you have to change your action if both of you are doing the same action its the first one to say Tu tama ra and they win that round its the first person to get ten point that wins

Dagmar Dyke

Today we were learning about different people that do art,there were four differant people that we looked at they were Dagmar Dyke,Fatu Feu'u,Jhon Pule and Ahota'ei loa toetu'u.We were doing DLO's (digital learning objects) to show which one we like the best and why we like their art I did Dagmar Dyke because I really like how she uses differant patterns in her art work and her art tells differant types of stories.I like on of her pieces of artwork because it shows a picture of a waka that tells me that she knows that her ancestors sailed from island to island to find differant places to stay.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Zones of regulation

Today we have been earning about the zones of regulation, the zones of regulation are the different types of emotions that people feel throughout the day and how they might handle those kinds of situations.For example when I am in the green zone (Happy) I am happy,energised and want to move around a lot but I know that I have to calm down and do the work I have to do.But when im in the red zone (Angry/mad) I want to hit things and want to be by my self and just do the things that I want to do and try to calm my self down .