Friday, 6 July 2018

What I have learnt this Term about Earth and Beyond

This term we have been learning a lot about our inquiry topic Earth and beyond , I have learnt a lot of things this term like ... 

What have  I learnt so far ?? And what new knowledge have I learnt ??
I Have learnt a lot of things about our Galaxy and lots about the stars, planets, comets and other things in  our galaxy like …
  1. Comets got their name from Aristotle
  2. People believe that in the center of our Galaxy there is a giant black hole
  3. And that the stars that we see at night are most likely giant blue stars three times the size of our sun
  4. That there are three different types of star red dwarf star, yellow medium stars and giant blue stars
  5. That our galaxy is believed to have eaten smaller galaxies inits past years of existing life span
  6. That black hole are created when I star dies/ before a star dies there is a tiny virus inside of them that starts to eat away at the remaining mass that the star has left and before the star even knows what's happening to it, it explodes into comets, black holes or supernova’s
  7. That if two black holes cross paths they will battle pushing the other one of and the bigger the black hole the greater the black hole

What is interesting about this topic ??
I think that this topic is very interesting because there are a lot of things that you get to find out about the galaxy and the other planets and comets that it  brings along with it. I also think that this is a interesting topic because I got to learn where the “ Milky way “ got its name from ( Hera - a Greek Goddess ) Greek people in that era believed that she spilt milk across the sky wichis why they gave the Galaxy the name “ Galaxais Kyklos “ or road of milky.

What have I found challenging about this topic ??

I have found a lot of things about this topic very challenging because it was hard totryand find different information about the Milky Way and actually understand people gave the Galaxy the name Milky Way.

Reflection about this Week

Image result for reflectingThis week was pretty fun and full of lots and lots of different tasks to complete by Wednesday. We all had to complete our tasks before Wednesday because some of the tasks that we had to complete needed to be presented at our Schools Ako Evening and to be hung up on the wall to also been seen by all the visitors that we have coming in and out of our class throughout the year. This week I Had learnt a lot of different things some to do with our inquiry topic and other things to do with workinginagroup with my friends or with some of the people that I dont usually work with. Some of the things that I learnt this week was how to work in team with the different people around me and what Matariki is ? 
Image result for matariki

Matariki is a time to spend with your friends , family and remember everyone that had passed away throughout the year. It is a time for the people in your family to come together and for some the older people in your family to start sharing stories about the past and about some of the people that had passed on. It is also a time for farmers to either start growing more crops or wait a  little bit longer, if can clearly see the stars at night it's going to be a good year and if you cannot see them very good it's going to be a bad year.

I have learnt how to working group with different people because throughout the week had to do lots of different tasks that involved working in a group and making different things about different topic. The tasks that we had to do involved making movies or models to show some of the things  that we have learnt about throughtoutthe term.

Ako Evening

Image result for earth and beyondLast night was one of the most important nights of this term, because it our Ako Evening. Our Ako Evening because it is a time for us to share our learning from this term to our friends but also to our family.  I think that this is an very important event because it gets to show our family and friends what new knowledge that we have and show them some of the things that we have created. The topic that we had this term was Earth and Beyond ... I think that this was very fun topics to learn about for the term because I got to learn lots of new things about outer space and other things to do with it like gravity and about our galaxy. Two things that I really enjoyed learning about was about gravity and stars I think that I enjoyed learning about these two things because I learnt that stars are actually way bigger than we think they are and that gravity is an very important thing. 

Image result for different types of stars
What I have learnt about stars is that stars actually have three different types of  stars there are blue ones - ( which are the really big ones and are really hot ) , Yellow stars - ( they are smaller than blue stars and do not shine as  bright) and Red stars - (they are usually the smallest stars like our sun and do not burn as hot as yellow and blue stars) . 

I have learn that gravity plays a big part in helping us stay on the Earth and not floating up into space. It also helps to keep everything that we see around us on the ground andalso not floating up  into space it, in away it also keeps things in check everything that is falling falls at the same speed they do not fall faster than  one another and they all pick up speed as they fall.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Visual Art Reflection

I created a simple drawing , that represents a small part of me and what I have learnt about night and day.

The I learned was/were how night and day happens.
A challenge I had was trying to make everything come together . It was challenging because I had to fitin a piece that represents me and a piece of something to  show what I have learnt .
If I did this project again, I would change is the little tentacles at the bottom left , because I don’t like it now seeing how it turned out and change them to more roses because I think that more roses wouldve been better.
I think the colour scheme worked well because seeing it now I am happy with the way that they all stand out together and nothing is brighter than the other they are all  got the same kind of colours in them all.
Things that went well with my drawing were the first rose that had a stem and the giant colour ball in the middle of the page with a flower.
I think that the rose with a stem went well because it has  a lot of different colors blended into it which makes it stand out a bit more than the second rose branching of out of it. I think that the big bright ball in the middle of the page went well because it's one of the things that stand out the most because it's like the centerpiece of my artwork.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Matariki Investigation

Image result for matariki starsThis week we have been researching about Matariki, and we all got put into groups to research about a certain topic that we are given when we were put into our groups. The topic that I have been tasked with researching about with a group of friends is .... What is Matariki ?? And why is it important ?? So far in my group we have researched about our topic and have got a good idea of what Matariki is and why it is important we have also got some extra information from researching and reading about it. A couple of things that I have learnt from this topic is that it is a time to spend with family, share stories and remember people that you have lost in the passing year. I also learnt that each of the Matariki stars have different tasks and different qualities that they share with the rest of their family and with the rest of the world.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Inquiry Investigation

This week we have been researching about an area in our inquiry that we found interesting, and to come up with questions that relate to the topic that we have chosen to research about. The topic that I have chosen to research about is the Milky Way, I think that I decided to research about this topic because before we started our researching I didn't know many things about the Milky Way and at first I thought that the Milky Way was a chocolate bar until someone said that we live in the Milky Way. I have learnt a lot about the Milky Way science we have been researching about it like ... 


  • Look in the night sky to see a part of the milky way
  • Our solar system is small
  • Name came from  hera
  • Clear sky
  • Only can see a small part of the milky way
  • 13.6 billions years ago
  • 100,000 thousand meters
  • 230 million years to orbit around the centre of the milky way


The milky way is believed to be about 100,000 meters in diameter, and believed to have been born  about 13.6 billion years ago. The name Milky way came from Greek people because in that era they believed that one of there greek goddess spilt milk across the sky and that's why they called it the road of milk and letter on changes to Milky Way. On clear night if you look up at the night sky you can see a small part of the milky way which is mostly just a couple hundred thousand stars. The milky way began shaping and forming back around 14 billion years ago and it can take up to 100,000 year to cross the tire Milky Way. Our Galaxy was made from clouds of dust and gas called the “ Nebula “ ?? Stars, comets, meteors, asteroids and planets.

Name of the “Milky Way"
The MIlky way got its name from  Greek people who called it “ Galaxias kyklos” witch is translated back to “Milky Circle”. After they had named the Galaxy “ Galaxies Kyklos” or “ MIlky Circle” another race used the same  name and that race of people are known as Romans. Because they thought that it was a good name because at night in the sky it looked like a big milky streak across the sky or in other words a road of milk.  And i think that they named it this because whenever they would look up at the sky they would see splashes of white, purple, blue and pink across the sky and to me I think that I would mistake that for milk as well.
After that me and my friends decided to work on a presentation together about the things that we have learnt like where the name came from and why they decided to call it that name... we also researched about how long it would take a person to cross the entire Milky way which would take around one hundred thousand years to get from one side of the Milky way to the other here is the presentation that we have made.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Inquiry Investigation,

Image result for milky way animatedThis Term our inquiry topic is about Earth and beyond and with that comes black holes, stars , planets and our galaxy. We got into groups with people that want to learn and research about the same things as you do. there is a group that are researching about aliens, space technology, two groups are researching about the Milky way and two groups are researching about black holes. I am researching with my friends about the MIlky way orin other words our galaxy and other things to with it like stars, planets and black holes. There were alot of things that we wanted to know by the end of our investigation like being in the Milky Way affect the Earth ?? And if so how does it affect us ?? , Where did it get its name?? And why do we call it the Milky Way ?. The questions that I want to know the most is why do we call it the Milky Way ? Because there are hundreds of thousands of different names that we could have named it but we choose to call it the Milky Way.

I have learnt a few things about the Milky way this week like our galaxy ( the Milky Way ) is like a spiral and we are smack down in the middle of all the arms that it has. Or that our galaxy is a cannibal it has devoured other smaller galaxies in the past from what I have read in books and websites.