Friday, 20 October 2017

Term 4 Week one over

Many people know that school has just started back up this week and schools dont do that many things for the first week of school.But our school did a lot of things we had a mufti day on Tuesday and just on Thursday four boys from our school went to national library for duffy because boys that hit teenage years dont like to read.Mufti on Tuesday was to fundraise money for cure kids who want to help kids get over illnesses with the money that they get they give it to scientist so that they have the right things to research how to stop it and how to not even get it I was one of the four boys that went to national library for our school we did a lot of things there like telling others why we think boys dont really like reading and listened to other boys say why they think boys dont like it.

My trip to national library for duffy

Yesterday some boys from kiamanuwanui at our school T.P.S (Tamaki primary school) went to national library to figure out why boys that are close to teen agers dont like reading.At first everyone was quite because no one knew each other but then when we started to play games with each other then things started to change.AFter that I think that everyone was alright and everyone was happy sharing their work and everyone started coming out of their shells we didn't really talk but you could see it when they presented their work.  This was an awesome experience because we got to play with kids from other schools and we got to share our ideas with them and when we started building our things to make reading fun we were all having fun seeing each other's things that they built.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mutorere game

Image result for Mu torere boardToday we learnt hot to play an indigenous game of New Zealand called Mu Torere.It's a brain game that make you strategise and use logic to outwit your opponent.This is how you play the game you first have to have a board to play it is one big circle with eight smaller circles on the out line of it.Each player gets four objects they can be anything (that can fit in the circles and on the board) each player will move one of their objects one by one once you have blocked your opponent you have one.You can keep going and have as many games as you want to you can have tournament with all your friends.

This is what the board looks like.

I really like this game I thought that it was challenging but it was still fun.When we were doing it our whole class had a tournament we were all having fun while playing this and we were all happy to start playing and to learn how to play.I also really like this game because it challenges you to use your brain over all i give it a 10/10.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Red nose day (Cure kids)

Today TPS participated in keely kids sport day to help support cure kids.Cure kids is a place where they try help cure the sicknesses that kids can get and they try to stop kids from even getting them.That means that they try to help kids that are sick and try to help them from even ever getting them but that means that they need to research.The research then goes towards people to help their kids.A example of how they help other kids is that with the money that they get they give it to scientist to research as I said before then they try to help the kids that have it and try to let other’s know so that they don't catch it.Children's health is very important because they are the future of our world and they are the ones that will make the parents place when they pass away.If we let them die then our world has no more future and no one will be able to look after the generation after them.

So to help them fundraise we all came in mufti but most people came in red because RED nose day.We did a sports day we played three different game capture the flag,noodle hockey and ball tiggy.We played as separate class room 9 and 10 but we only had ten minutes on each game.Out of all the games I think that capture the flag was my favorite because every time I would go to get a cone out of their hoop they would aim for me and other people would go get it instead.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Start to the term T4W1

Nau mai,hoki mai ki taku rangitaki.Ko tenei te whahanga tuawha o te tau!Kei te pehea to hararei?

One thing that I am really looking forward to this term is...
Syndicate zoo trip
Manaiakalani film festival
Te tuhi art gallery
Guest speaker 
Mangare mountain-Workshops
Night at school-And go to the cinema to watch wonder
Prize giving 
Fia fia night

The one thing out of all of the things that we are doing this term that I really want to do is the night at school.Because we had one in term 2/1 ? and I really enjoyed it seeing more people coming out of their shelfs and dancing,singing,watching other people's skits and seeing everyone having fun and coming together.
The next day we went to the pools were we saw more people having fun and more people that wanted to play with each other.

My personal goal for my last term of 2017 is...To try and join in as much things around the school as I can and try to make lots of new friends before the end of the term.

To fully enjoy these end of year opportunities,I will need to remember to...
Try and have a good term and a good start to the term good start to the term will mean good rest of term.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Your voice,Your choice

Hi today we did a slideshow about the new laws that will come in with who ever wins the election on saturday.On the slide show we had to read all the new things that would come into place when the election is over.One of the parties that I was really going for was the maori party because they want to do so much for the land the people in the land and they want to try and keep the maori culture alive.One reason why I choose the maori party was because they want to make all the river's in new zealand drink able and swimmable.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Whakatauki o te wiki

Hi today we went to go kiwi sport but no one was there so we had a quick practice then went back up to class.When we got back to class we started to do our whakatauki o te wiki which was He aha te kai o te ranagatira he korero,he korero,he korero which means what is the kai (food) of a leader.
The food of a leader is communication and knowledge because if you are a leader you need to know how to communicate with others and needs to have knowledge to lead his/her people.