Monday, 21 August 2017

DARE:Session 1 Reflection Task T3W5

Hi today we had a police officer Constable Taina come into our class to teach us about drugs and how we should act around them and the last things she taught us was how other people use them and how it affects them.She said that a drug is A drug can be defined as any chemical substance which alters the way a person’s body or mind works.

This does not include food, air and liquid, which our bodies need to work properly.

Whakatauki o te wiki

Hi today in the morning block we did two different things we did our whakatauki o te wiki and we did our kiwi sport but I will be talking about our whakatauki o te wiki .Our whakatauki o te wiki this week was He iti hoki te mokoroa nana i kakati te kahikatea witch means even though things are small they can still get through the obstacles that everyone else goes through everyday.Lots of people think that small people around them cant do the things they can they under estimate them and sometimes the small person can do better but they are to shy to show it.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday W4T3 reflection

Hi today at school some of the classes didn't have a lot of people because we had netball tournament were a lot of people went to.The people that stayed behind in room 10 were only about ten people so we invited room nine students to come and join us for the day in the first block I think that room ten was getting used to having room nine in our class because we had a lot of talking about random stuff going on and lots of people just hanging out with friends and that is one thing that I liked because I saw alot of people bonding with the people that they dont really talk to and helping people they dont usually help.In the morning and second block I think that room nine were finishing of their work and room ten were doing there usual maths in the morning and after morning tea we started to finish our work that we had not finished this week.One thing that me and my friends we really excited to finish of was our PB4L poster which is about how we should and when we are walking around the school and when we are in the corridor.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Algebra T3W3

Hi today for maths we have solved an algebra problem to calculate how much money would be spent and earnt by two twins.Tom started with $20 and spends $2 every day for a week and he twin sister tia started her job on the same week on monday she earns $2.50 a day.I used a table try and help me calculate the day that tia would over lap tom with money.We made links to statistics and choose a line graph to show our thinking.You can see clearly that by Friday,Tioa had made more money than tom.Well we were working on this some people got a bit stuck and thought that Tom had started with $18 on Monday and not with twenty everyone got a bit stuck because other people had other answers but when we made a graph it shows that he started with $20 on Monday and not $18 so in the end everyone had come to and answer they all agreed on.I really liked it when everyone one was trying to get the right answer people were working together and trying to help each other like our whakatauki from yesterday Ma pango,ma whero ka oti te mahi which means if people work together they will get the job done.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Whakatauki ote wiki

Hi today we have done whakatauki ote wiki which is another word for a quote or an saying that people like to say. Todays whakatauki (quote) was  Ma pango,ma whero ka oti te mahi which means when  people work together they will get the job done faster and if they dont it will take them more longer to do the job than it should take them.To me it is like some going upto one of the people that they dont work with and ask them for help the person helps them sometimes not even wanting a prize but they help and they get two things out of it.They are happy knowing that they have helped someone that they dont usually work with all the time.And sometimes people reward them to say thank you and sometimes the person say no thank you because they already know that they have done something good.

The one thing that stood out to me in this quote was working together because it is like a house one floor cant hold up the whole house they need the walls to help them and the walls cant work well with out the floor if they work together than they will have a strong house/home for people and they will know they are doing well.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Cook Island Language week

This week is cook island language week and today for the morning we have learnt a little bit about it.We were learning about the things that are the same to Maori culture and the things that they do in the cook islands.One thing that I have learnt about cook island is about there flag on their flag they have a union jack fifteen stars in a circle and blue surrounding all of it.The union jack stands for the english ruling common wealth the fifteen stars stand for the fifteen islands and the blue stand for the water surrounding all the islands.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Whakatauki o te wiki

Hi today for our class whakatauki it was kia rere au ki te rangi tuhaha kia tau atu au ki toku taumata which means Let me soar to the heavens so that I may reach my full potential.To me the key message to me is reach for the stars try to reach new and higher goals live life to the fullest and try everything and anything because you can be good at anything if you give it a try.