Monday, 12 March 2018

Kiwisport Reflection

Today we started out the week and the morning with Kiwisport this session we did things a little different instead of having tennis outside on the courts we had it in our school hall. We had Tennis inside because the games that we were doing didn't require much space and our instructor Peter thought that if we were inside we wouldn't have the urge to hit as hard as we would if we were inside.  And well some of us were doing Tennis the other half was outside playing cricket it sounded like they were having a lot of fun but I will tell you about Tennis first. So for Tennis to start things out we had a mini game just like having a rally then we were taught how to smash. When you are smashing it is when someone throws the ball up and you aim and try to gently smack it back to your partner but if you were in a real game you would want to hit it as hard as you can.

When it was our turn to go and play cricket we found that it was really hard to hit the ball because it would not bounce on the ground because the grass was to long. So we decided to move the cricket set to the court were it would be able to bounce because of the concrete it took us awhile to get there because people were walking slow and taking their time. But when we did get their w got straight back into the game and started up batting again  and bowling. We did this for awhile before anyone got out me and my friend wallymei ( here's the link to his blog check it out ) got five people out each we were having a lot of fun.
I think that maybe next time I need to work on actually trying to bat because I was just letting it go pass so that they had a chance to get me out but that plan did not work so in the end I ended up hitting the wicket just to get out. I think that most of what did well though because my catching really improved and was starting to get out of my shell and work with my team and the people that I dont work with that much.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Maths Reflection - P.A.T Maths Walt: take a test on maths

Today In class the first thing that we did to start of the day was a maths test and in this blog post are the things that I found easy in my test and the things that I didn't find easy.

In the maths test I don’t think that I found much of the questions easy they were all challenging. I did find two of the questions easy and they were to do with multiplication.

Image result for mathsWhen I did find one hard questions and it  was to do with time. For the time question you had to answer witch bus time would be faster to get from a university ( Pretend ) to Balavanca ( I’m not sure how to spell it ). There were a lot of different times that you could choose from but I choose from the university to Balavanca? Was 7:55 - 8:05.

For maths I want to learn about fractions and about time. I want to learn about fractions because I don’t really understand them. And I want to learn how to tell the time because it can help you in your everyday life and because I don’t understand the analog time.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cricket Reflection

Image result for cricket setToday we didn't do our Tai chi because or instruct or Mr gordon got caught in the traffic on the highway. So instead we filled out a little form to tell people how the program is going for us and to tell them a little bit about us and about our behaviour and if we can keep ourselves safe. After that we were given two choices on what we could do we could either stay inside and finish of work or we could go outside and have a game of cricket. Most of the boys wanted to play cricket and some wanted to stay inside and finish of work but more wanted to go outside and play cricket so we went out side and down stairs to field and had a couple games. Not everyone got a turn pitching or batting but we all fun. Out of all the people that had a turn pitching I had a turn and got three different people out by hitting the wicket with the cricket ball. And then we came back up and started to finish of our reflection's. Today and to do one for when we went to the pools yesterday I still haven't done the one about the pools but I will do that one next. But we had a lot of fun this morning playing cricket with our friends

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

P.E Reflection

This morning we had done two different things one was Tennis and the other was softball.Our class broke of into two groups one would do tennis and the other would be on the field playing softball.For me the first things that did was softball  we did a couple of drills and warm ups then we practiced our bating and how we would bat in a real game.After we had done that we had just enough time for a quick game not every one got to bat but we all had fun and joined in and every one was giving it their best shot in the warm ups.

When we got to tennis the other group went down to the field to play softball and we had started to play another warm up game. In the warm up game we had to squat and try and grab the ball befor our partner could get it. We had three to four games of that when we were done we learnt how to bat the ball to our partner on the other side of the net. We had a couple games of this then we turned it into a competition where someone would pick out card that our instructor had brought and whatever the number was on the card we had to have a rally.  A rally is like a friendly game of pases but with a tennis ball and tennis racket to practice this we had a couple games with a friend and we had to try and beat our score if we got three we had to get for and so on.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Today we had our first ever Tai Chi lesson with our instructor Mr Gordon. First he told us a little bit about him and that he has done different types of Tai Chi and Kung Fu and has black belts in most of them. He has also been in the army for a number of years but then he left and went back to martial arts. He also has a son and a daughter at his daughter's birth the doctor said that she may not live but now she is 24/25 years old and is a doctor she has also done martial arts her whole life. Half way through our lesson we all got into a circle he told us this was the sharing circle we had to tell him our names, one thing we like, one thing we dont like and a random act of kindness that we have done recently.

He taught us some moves to help defend ourselves and maybe others. He taught us the Tiger pushing mountain, Inform and Open gate. Tiger pushing mountain would help us to push over our opponent and if they hit us we can protect ourselves. At the beginning 0f all our classes we go in to this form so that he can tell us what we are doing through out that lesson. And the Open gate this one will help us to face our opponents and be ready at the same time weather they are at the front of us or at the back of us.
He also asked us to share a random act of kindess he gave us an example to make sure that we knew what he was talking about. To me a random act of kindness is when you use your initiative to do things without being told to do it and doing something that will be helpful and not something that would make everything worse or bad.

He has taught us a lot of things but he said that whatever I teach you here you take it with inside of school outside of and out in your community. By that I think he means use all those skills he taught us how to breathe properly and I think that was to try and calm us down and in the community we could use this when we are angry. And if for any reason you get to a point where you need to protect yourself to use those stances that he has taught us because they are all to do with protection.

Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values-My Goals

Today I have learnt about the school values of T.P.S (Tamaki Primary School) and how important it is to show these values when you are a leader.We were making goals that related to our school values It is very important for me and all the other kids of our year to show these values, because we are like the leaders of the school and we set the example.Task Link 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Food technology-Milkshakes

Today we started food technology for the first time this year the very first thing that we made was chocolate,oreo milkshakes.The first step that we did was get a cup of milk and blended oreos,after we blinded the oreos we poured them into the milk.Then we put whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top of it.It was very fun doing all of this but to me I think that the best part was the part when we started to drinking them.